Painting detail - work in progress

Happy New Year from a life-long late bloomer

I hope your New Year is going well. Mine is too, although I feel like it has just started. Traditionally my New Year falls as late as March and as early as the last week in January, but never on January 1st. While my year ends on December 31, I seem to need a period of hiatus, a time to let the previous year settle in my mind and for my vision, even a glimpse really, to form and coalesce into something I think I can step into, my New Year.


♦I can use painting as a metaphor for this process if you like. First I lay down colours randomly.


♥Then I try to organise them.


Painting detail - work in progress
♣Then I realise there is way too much colour! I need to edit.


♠Editing involves deciding what to keep and what to say goodbye to.


♦Keeping involves building a community of like minded marks, shapes and textures.


Painting detail - work in progress
♥There’s always the ring-in, the one that stands out like …


♣That makes me realise I’ve lost almost all my colour! And my shades, my lights and darks. Everything has become the “middle”.


♠With a clearer direction in mind now, I add colour again, with discretion.

Painting detail - work in progress♦I remove some of my edits to reveal hidden colour and depths.


♥Surprising ideas come to me and I act on them, adding …


Painting detail - work in progress


♣As the painting is nearing completion I find the changes needed are smaller and smaller. Finessing really.


♠I’m often surprised again at this point. Surprised that I have created this beautiful thing that has managed to come together in the end.


♦I keep surprising myself by adding a couple more touches to it.


♥It’s finished. “Yes,” I think.
 Painting detail - work in progress


I’ve always quite liked being a late bloomer – once I was out of my teens that is. It has meant I come at things with a different perspective, well that’s what I tell myself! I once did the Myers Briggs personality test and my type is “highly reflective”. No wonder I’m a late bloomer. I need longer to think, to reflect, to feel ready to bound on in to something as good as … a new year.


It is my guess I will miss posting in January next year too – unless I get good as writing in advance and scheduling. But that will take some thinking on.


Any other life-long late bloomers out there?


The photos in this blog post are from a painting that I’m working on at the moment. It’s not finished but it’s starting to be really interesting. I’ll share it when it’s finished.

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  1. Oh Jan, this is so interesting!
    A very nice way of explaining your art process and the similarity with your life.
    Personally, this year, I feel like the business of life has taken over since the holidays…
    Time to reflect and connect with my art again.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Louise (Art2Life CVP)

    1. Post

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Louise (I know who you are!). The business of life… oh yes! It’s so hard to fit our art in. If you’re thinking it’s time to reflect… maybe you’re a late bloomer too 😉

    1. Post

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