Detail of original mixed media painting

Life lessons an artist can teach you – Part 4

Why do I think I have something to share that might help? Well someone called me wise and it got me to thinking…

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts. Here are the links to earlier posts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


16. Choose every day. Design your life, choose good things and people. Limiting beliefs makes you think you are stuck. It’s not true, there are always other options. Perhaps you don’t take those other options because the thing you’re committed to is the best option. Re-choose your commitments every day. You will appreciate them so much more.

Detail of original mixed media painting

17. Problems are an opportunity for creative thinking. Creative thinking is thinking to specifically come up with new ideas. Not only will creative thinking increase your chance of solving your problem but it will also boost your personal creativity. 

Detail of original abstract painting

18. Get lost – in your work/play/plans. Getting lost – or being in flow –  opens you up to a whole new way of thinking. Fuel your enthusiasm with inspiration and dive in.

Detail of mixed media painting

19. Accept that life is not fair. Artists know all about this because art is subjective and yet it gets judged at every turn. Better still, don’t even think about it. Thinking about unfair situations is a way of comparing yourself to others. Immerse yourself in being you, and doing what you do. I guarantee you will be happier.

Detail of original mixed media painting by Australian artist Jan Allsopp

20. Make until you can create. (My version of “fake it until you make it”.) Copy it, borrow ideas, follow step-by-step instructions, whatever it takes to get you started on your dream. Once you know how you can let your unique personality take over. Remember artists often learn by copying the masters.

Original mixed media abstract painting by Australian artist Jan Allsopp
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The first 4 images are details of my recent painting “OEB”. The last image is the complete painting. It’s a small one at just 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″). If you have any comments or are interested in purchasing this or any of my paintings, please let me know through the Contact page. You will also find links to my Instagram and Facebook pages there. Please follow me.


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