Big news! What is Creating for Happiness?

Dear patient reader!

While things around here may have been looking quiet I can assure you they have been nothing of the sort! My nose has been to the grind stone and look what I’ve made! Creating for Happiness is a brand new online program to get you creating daily and keep going with it. I’m so proud of this program. I’ve been working on it for a long time and now it’s time to share what’s it all about.

How did Creating for Happiness program come about?

Once I had the idea for this program I realised if it had been available to me a few years back I would have jumped at the chance of doing it! So from that moment on I decided to build the perfect program for my in-the-past-me.

I know I’m not the only one who has wanted support in creating every day. Doing anything daily is a real battle at times, especially if you’re not someone who loves routine. I’m still not a routine lover but a few simple tweaks and I turned into someone who creates every day, no matter what. Just what I’d always wanted!

The name Creating for Happiness came from a hybrid of this idea and a drawing class I ran a few years ago called Drawing for Happiness. The class was all about letting go of preconceived ideas around your drawing ability and just getting on with it. I didn’t really teach drawing so much as facilitate the participants drawing. And that’s how Creating for Happiness will run too. You can apply it to any type of creative pursuit irrespective of what level you are at, beginner to professional. If you want to create daily, Creating for Happiness will help you do it.

The happiness part of Creating for Happiness is intrinsic with creating. Creating for Happiness doesn’t exactly supply happiness during the program (although we do supply information about it and the occasional trick to do), the happiness is a natural result of creating in a mindful way. Putting Happiness in the name of the program is a great reminder for us all on what to focus on around our creativity. It’s so easy to be critical of our creations, but not often helpful to them or us. Creating for Happiness program covers this too.

What is the Creating for Happiness program?

Creating for Happiness has several aspects. You start by downloading the Guidebook when you sign up. It leads you through preparing to start when the program launches January 1, 2018. The main aspect of Creating for Happiness is the daily emails. These begin New Year’s Day and work as a reminder to do 15 minutes or so of creating each day. These short emails also include information, tips, brain tricks or inspiration for you to consider that day. All this is designed to be motivating and lead you to the understanding that you CAN do it daily. (If I can, anyone can!) And it’s all free!

What makes me the expert?

Years of failing to maintain a consistent creative practice make me the expert! Years of longing for the bliss creating brought when I was a child sitting on the hot concrete path behind my house making bunny disguises. Years of not following through on fabulous creative ideas. Years of relying on the creative skills I already had and not expanding them because I “didn’t have time”. I think for me that the crux of the matter really is the ‘not having time’ mindset. So destructive. So unhelpful. 

Over the last few years I’ve taken steps that have gradually reversed all of this. I am now a happy creative person who creates every day. Woo hoo! I can recognise a destructive mindset at 20 paces and know how to shoot it down. I’m able to follow my creative ideas through as much as one can – sometimes they trick us and take us down a circuitous route! But at least I’m aware of it now. And did I say I was happy? Yes.

There are a few other aspects of the Creating for Happiness program that I haven’t mentioned here, like the monthly Journey Sparks to help you grow as the months go by, but this is the main outline. The rest is all in the Guidebook and the emails. I truly hope you will join in! It’s going to be great! To sign up now or read more about Creating for Happiness click here. Got questions? Pop them in the comments below and I’ll let you know the answers. What do you think? Let me know that too please.

This is Theatrical Bits, a recently finished small work. I love the, well, theatricality of it! Well, that’s how it looks to me anyway. What do you see?

Have a Happy day!

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  1. Hi Jan, I am wondering how we proceed with the program when we are traveling? I am going to NYC Jan 2, right out of the gate with the program!

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      Good question Catherine! What I suggest is you get a smallish sketchbook and draw, write, sketch, collage etc in it. Or use your smart phone camera, not just taking snaps but mindfully considering, framing and capturing images that will explain your trip without words. How does that sound? At each stage of the Creating for Happiness journey you will be in control of what you do with your creating time, you might just be thinking about it differently.

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