“Happy Whoompaduper” and why “Happy New Year” makes you feel like a failure

I spend New Year’s Eve with the same people every year. It’s become a tradition. In the week leading up to it excitement builds even though we know how the evening will go, who will be there, and dare I say it, what we will talk about. We always have such a great time.

What we don’t talk about though, is our plans and goals for 2018. There might be a quick discussion about New Year’s resolutions but mostly now we don’t bother, knowing full well that they don’t last and making them will just bring disappointment in ourselves later. I don’t want you to think that either me or my friends aren’t supportive. If we did speak of our dreams and goals we would support each other absolutely. But we don’t speak of them.

There should be a special name for the time from about 11:30pm New Year’s Eve until about 2am on New Year’s Eve. One that incorporates the sense of relief that the past has finally been let go, and the sense of huge potential for a bold and positively targeted year ahead. Maybe “whoompaduper”? But I digress.

Some time between going home from the party and waking up the next day whoompaduper evaporates. New Year’s Day appears mellow. We fall into reminiscence. We dabble with the idea of a resolution again but let that go. Some times we think “maybe I should plan” but often we forget to think even that.

The reason we are so reluctant to plan is that we will fail. Again. The reason we fail is because good habits are hard to create and very easy to let go. (How cruel is the irony that bad habits are easy to create and hard to let go!)

Habit research tells us that the best way to form a new habit that sticks is to do it in small chunks. For example if you want to exercise every morning, you set your goal at doing some exercise for 30 seconds. You have to do the 30 seconds, but you can stop after that if you like.

If, on New Years Day, we reflected on what single 30 second habit could we build in 2018, then we might have had a happier, less empty time of it.

Even knowing this, habit building is difficult. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had someone, a habit trainer, who was with us every time we thought about skipping our new habit! As this was something I had always wanted for myself, I kept that in mind when building the Creating for Happiness program I launched on January 1 this year.

If, on New Years Day you wished for more creativity or happiness in your life in 2018, then Creating for Happiness is for you! Through the program you will build a daily creative practice and keep it going and you will find a general upswing in your mood too. You will be supported and yes, I will be with you every day, helping you keep your new habit.

We have so many people creating already and from all over the planet. The Creating for Happiness group includes people knitting, sewing, writing, constructing, painting and sketching. The program is suitable for any type of creating you can think of.

Here’s what people are already saying about Creating for Happiness and it’s less than 2 weeks old!

There is such energy in being in our “collective” knowing that so many people are creating every day! I’m a huge believer in the freedom of discipline, picking one thing and going deeper, and having accountability along with happiness. I loved Finding Your Because exercise! Another way to do value clarifications – and the ROUTE & CRUISE CONTROL being an invitation to pick one thing and go deeper – and setting up my environment to make it as easy as possible. (I call this environmental design.) Deena Haynes

This is great. It gives me permission to expect to be happy. Judith Ely

I’m glad I found the light for Creating for Happiness! I’m enjoying this so much. Thanks Jan for bringing this to my life. Melissa Murphy

I love your guidebook – I got some really good tips from it! You have put a lot of work into this program. LB

Thanks Jan for your generous idea of ‘Creating for Happiness’ and everyone for the inspiring posts and images. Kim Thompson

Thank you so much for putting in all the work for this, it is just what I need. Lynne Porter

You can join in too and have a truly Happy New Year! Read more about the program and sign up now. It’s time for more creativity in your life and it’s always time for more happiness. I will love having you with us. The January session is still going. Jump in now!

The photo above is of one of my Creating for Happiness pages drying in the sun. You don’t have to paint though. Creating for Happiness is great for any kind of creating.


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