Mixed media abstract painting in greens and greys

I’ve arrived, now what?

Phew! I finally have come to a more comfortable place working in the studio. I’m in love with what I’ve been working on and the direction for my present work has clarified. I feel like I’ve arrived where I’ve been wanted to be for the last few months. While the pleasure of reaching a destination has been resonating through me these past few days, I’m now thinking well, what’s next?


As an artist, I work with change and the unknown all the time. I’m no more comfortable with that than the next guy. I want comfort and stability but I know if I get it, even in the mild form of these last few days, that it won’t last. I’ll have to step out into the unknown again once these three paintings are finished off and I start working on my unfinished test pattern paintings again and start the next few boards I’m prepping and other unfinished pieces, the list goes on.


My work has settled into three series that I feel I can work on simultaneously. I’ve not worked on three ideas at once before and I’m excited at the prospect. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


6 small paintings of colour TV test patterns in progress


There’s the test pattern series. I’m excited by the experimentation I want to work into this series, in fact, I see this series as a vehicle for experimentation on a broad scale. Yes, there is experimentation in all of my paintings, but I have a more deliberate kind of experimenting planned for these.


The other two series haven’t acquired names as yet. One is a series I’ve discovered in my recent work that I hadn’t noticed was a series. It became obvious to me working on this painting this week while working on both the test patterns and my red commission piece at the same time. The differences between the three paintings helped me see that I’d actually been working in this series for a few years, well possibly for many years, just with breaks. It’s a kind of painting I return to again and again. Maybe I’ll call the series ‘Spots and stripes’ because they often feature, although not always. It is a series of fun, happy, bold and colourful works. It’s very ‘me’.


Mixed media abstract painting in greens and greys


The third series has come out of my red commission piece ‘Juicy talk’ that I showed in my last blog post. This series will include many of the elements that evolved in this painting, transparency, juiciness, again boldness, and they will be primarily about colour itself. I’m excited to be doing more like this.


Actually, I’m excited to be working on them all. I can’t wait to get into the studio each time, and that excitement, for me, is what I really crave. When my ideas implode and indelibly stamp my mind and imagination so they drive me with enthusiasm, that’s what I’m after.


So what’s next? Next is me racing to the studio to do the work that will take me to my next destination, whatever/where ever that may be.


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  1. Great way to deal with differing styles/elements – putting them into ‘series’. I think I will pinch that idea, it will help me deal with my various types of paintings which I struggle with as I like doing the different styles.

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      I hope it works for you too Marion. I had an eye opening experience when I saw the Picasso 1932 exhibition at the Tate Modern in London during my recent trip. It was set out in chronological order, with the first painting 1 Jan 1932 and the last done 31 Dec 1932. During that time he painted in many of the themes we recognise but he didn’t paint them all together. One day he would paint a colourful portrait, the next a beach scene, two days later he was painting some angst filled dark piece. It was his most prolific year. I thought well if it worked for Picasso!

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