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The day my fingerprints changed

It’s been one of those times when a lot has been shifting and changing for me, as an artist and simply as a human being. Even so, the last thing I expected was for my fingerprints to change!

A big thank you

Firstly, to those who reached out and offered support and kind words after the Studio Sunday 6 video I thank you. You helped me get through a difficult time. If you missed seeing that video here it is.

Just so you know, my Mum has been moved into the high care section of her care home. This is brilliant for her and I was very happy about the move as she will get care more tailored to her needs. The reality, however, was difficult to take. When I visit her I’m in a section where the other residents are further along the road she finds herself on. Looking at what is probably in store for Mum was heartbreaking. However, it’s amazing what you can get used to! I’m not struggling with it like I was. I’m focusing on the best aspects.

Now onto those changes

I had definitely had enough of feeling bad. During this year I’ve been moving towards leaving my job and focusing on my art and Creating for Happiness. The desire to make that move became stronger and stronger, especially as I was sad about my Mum. I needed some more scope for happiness in my life. Late one night I decided to take the leap. I would advise my boss the next day.

I was nervous about letting them know when the time came. I know they value me greatly and my work makes a difference. I didn’t like feeling like I was letting them down. I also love working with these people. The calibre of these people is amazing and working with them I had come to know them as friends. So, to some extent, I was umming and ahhing, not really, but I was not looking forward to making the call.

Then the messages started to come through

Firstly, I was frustrated because every time I went to operate my phone or tablet the fingerprint touch ID wouldn’t unlock it. It’s a simple little thing, but on top of everything else, it was frustrating. Then I got an email from a boss in a different department. This email made me feel small, insignificant and undervalued. So, not everyone I work with was wonderful after all. Well, that sealed the deal. I decided to make the call then and there.

More phone fumbling as it failed to unlock automatically at my touch, then a while later it was all done. I’ll be working 2 days a week for the next little while to finish off my current projects. Then I will become a full-time artist. Now that’s exciting! I went to get a coffee, I needed one.

During my break, I realised the extent of my phone/iPad fumbling. None of my fingerprints worked on either device! (You program in a few fingerprints so it’s easy to open no matter which hand or finger you use.) I know they don’t work well while the fingers are wet, or when I have paint crusted on them, but clean and dry my fingerprints were not doing it.

hands covered in paint

Had my fingerprints changed?

I felt like a whole new person because of resigning my job. It was a feeling I had, but the fact that my fingerprints seemed to have changed too… could I actually be a whole different person? I took it as a sign, confirmation that I had made the right decision to move on came in both the insulting email and my changed fingerprints.

What now?

It’s been a few days now and the reality of my new situation is sinking in. I’m completely happy with it. And yes, my fingerprints slowly reverted to their original state over a couple of days. Weird huh!? Signs might be all in our minds, I’m OK with that thought. I’d just like to know how my mind changed my fingerprints for a few days!

Now I will have time to paint more. I truly feel called to paint. I’m so grateful I have this opportunity. I will also be able to catch up on all the other things artists need to do, but I just hadn’t had time for them. And there is Creating for Happiness. Creating for Happiness is my little baby that has helped me and others become happier and more regular creators. I have plans to improve and expand it. Now I’ll have the time to make those plans happen.

This week’s Studio Sunday was also late, I made it on Tuesday this time. But with my new work situation, I will be able to make it on time from now on I’m sure. If not, I’m changing its name!!

I’m on Bluethumb

Since my last blog post, I’ve joined Bluethumb, an Australian online art gallery. I’m thrilled to have become a featured artist and sold a painting already. I’m hoping Bluethumb will get my art in front of new people and lead to new opportunities and sales. Now that I’m a full-time artist I need to focus on the business side of art and Bluethumb is one way of marketing art online. Please check out my page and follow me. By following me you will receive first notification of when I list new art.
Until next time, thanks so much for your interest in me and my work. I really appreciate your support.

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  1. Hi Jan, I have been following your blog for a while now. I admire the fact that despite life’s difficult moments, you have the courage to paint. Yes. sometimes, we know what is good for us but we don’t do it. YOU DO. I am already looking forward to see the work that you will produce now that you are 100% devoted to your art. Bravo for making that decision.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much Marleyne. So far it’s been very freeing, and I keep getting an expanded understanding of what ‘freeing’ means. Thank you so much for your encouragement and interest.

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