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Well, so that was November! It was both pretty exciting and pretty quiet for me. I’ll get to the exciting in a minute, but first the quiet.

I didn’t write a single blog post. I only made one studio video. I didn’t do much on Facebook or Instagram. I have in my mind that you might be wondering why, but if I think about it I doubt my being missing will have made an impact. I hope my being missing is something you noticed though. Yep, even I have an ego!

3 original artworks by Jan Allsopp

New work now available. Left ‘Trompe l’inoleum; centre ‘Forever Sunday’; right ‘When cicadas sing’

So where was I and what was I doing? Well I was in my studio painting and making, and I was in my office writing daily emails for Creating for Happiness. Oh! That’s another thing I was quiet on! I actually had a week off from writing in November too. (I reposted some popular emails from earlier in the year.) So, I really did have a break from communicating in a big way.

Frankly I needed it. I needed to find myself more. Yep, that old saying ‘find myself’ again. But it is true to how I felt. I made the big change to being an artist full-time shortly before and I rode that wave of excitement for quite a while. It’s not that I came ‘down’ so much as I was sorting out how to be me under these new circumstances. I needed a break from telling you who I am so I could ascertain who I really am.

And quite suddenly I feel ready to re-engage. I do love sharing, it’s why I do all this. I’ve always been a big sharer and technology allows me to do a whole lot more if it! So thanks for waiting for me. I really appreciate it. Oh, and I don’t think you will notice anything different about me at all. It’s more fine tuning and reimaging that I’ve been through. Nothing has really changed. I’ve just got a whole lot more comfortable with my new life and the ‘me’ I am in it.

In other news I’m excited to say that I’ll be attending The Other Art Fair in Sydney next March (dates and details below). I will be working hard on creating lots of new paintings and 3D paintings to show then. It’s my first time at an art fair and I think I’m going to really enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of art lovers and if you’re in Sydney at the time I’d love to see you. Hell, it’s worth travelling for I’m sure! Lots of artists to see as well as me. Well worth it!

Creating for Happiness logo

I’m just about to launch the Creative for Happiness website too. If you aren’t already signed up for Creating for Happiness pop your name down here to be advised when it happens. New website, new look, new content, it’s all happening! And yep, that’s a sneak peek at the new logo.

Now, about Christmas. You know, of course, that it’s most beneficial for our community if you shop locally and buy gifts that someone actually makes or from a small business. If you’re local and would like to have a look at my paintings then email me and we’ll make a time for a studio visit. No obligation.

And if your not local but want to give a quality art piece as a gift, check out the shop here on my website or my page on Bluethumb. And while you’re over there at Bluethumb, please ‘favourite’ my page. The more favourites I have the more I show up in searches and the more people can fine me. Thank you!

So thanks for welcoming me back into your inbox! Here’s the details for the Other Art Fair so you can add the dates to your calendar. Like I said, it would be so nice to see you there!

The Other Art Fair

March 14 – 17
Australian Technology Park


It’s all happening so fast at the moment that I can’t even get to the end of writing this post without needing to add something super new. Creating for Happiness now has a Facebook page. Please like the page to see what’s happening as it happens!

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