It's about time; creating in a flow state by Jan Allsopp

It’s about time

I don’t know about you, but I have beautiful memories of time when I was a child – and I mean ‘time’ specifically. It was long and slow and golden. I often dream of getting that kind of time back again.

Last week, even by part way through Monday afternoon, I knew I was having the ‘longest week’. You know that week. I remember when I was working in jobs I didn’t love, talking about it with co-workers. We all knew what we meant. Some weeks simply dragged. 

Days and days later it was still only Tuesday morning. I realised that my week was dragging but it was a week of doing a job I love and am passionate about. I reframed my situation. I was having the glorious long days I’d dreamed of for decades! And it was glorious after that!

In my memories I would be making something, disappear into that flow state we now have a word for, reemerge and play for a while, then do something else for a bit and then it would be almost lunch time. Enjoying my Vegemite on toast, lunch would be a time for day dreams. And then the afternoon would lie before me, long and rich with possibility. 

How blessed am I to have this back again! Why has it come back to me? What changed last week? 

I’m not really certain what changed, a lot is changing at the moment. While I made the switch to full time artist a couple of months ago, it’s taken me quite a while to shed all of my workplace habits and replace them with more fitting ones. These habits include my habitual thinking around things.

Anyway, I wonder if this beautiful golden time (which from now on will have an official Timezone code – BGT) is available to us all if we align with our true work? What do you think? Does time drag when you hate your job and yet go too quickly when you are doing something you love? Or, like my experience, do you find that time stretches to give you more of what you love when you are doing what is your purpose or vocation? I’m interested to know how others perceive time. (Partly because it will confirm I’m stark raving mad if no one replies!!!)

Gold, black and white painting ‘When cicadas sing’, leaning against the gallery wall waiting to be hung in the Summer Show exhibition.

‘When cicadas sing’ has been delivered to The Art Space Urunga for the Summer Show exhibition opening this week. It’s still available for purchase through my shop though!

Don’t forget to buy yourself a present this Christmas either. Choose your favourite right from my shop now. There IS plenty of time for some things, but time for buying up art before Christmas is running out! There’s lots of beautiful ones still available.

PS. I’m experimenting with adding my Facebook posts here as blog posts, because that’s what they kind of are. What do you think? Did you see this in both places? Too much, or a great way of keeping up with what I’m writing?

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