Set-backs, I've had a few - in the last 2 days! The frustrations of a full-time artist by Jan Allsopp

Setbacks, I’ve had a few – in the last 2 days!!!

Setbacks, I’ve had a few. Particularly in the past 2 days!

Firstly I’ve had a major setback in the development of the Creating for Happiness website (ugh) and then today I went to work on this 3D painting and, well, see that wood coloured round circle in the lower left? Well earlier today that was a rich dark glossy blue.

Painted wooden components for a 3D painting sitting on table in studio

3D painting under construction

But something went wrong with the finish coat I’d put on. OK. I’ll fess up. I mean finish coatS I put on. I don’t think you are meant to put it on quite as thick as I did. But every coat had some kind of imperfection that I thought the next coat would take care of! And the subsequent coat would take care of it but present a totally new problem as well.

In the end I had a really thick layer of acrylic polymers that was cloudy instead of clear, even when it was dry.

I tried sanding it off but even with my heavy duty belt on my linisher it couldn’t shift it. It became a bit like gum, shifting around the surface but not scraping off.

In the end I had to sit down with a metal scraper and scrape and pull it of little bit by little bit. Once I was back to the paint (which was now damaged by the scraping) I could sand it off.

So here I am, back to the raw wood and beginning the 4 layers of undercoat all over again. (Did I say ‘ugh’?)

But if these are the frustrations of a full-time artist, I’ll take them any day over the frustrations of a full-time paid job. While I might sound like I’m complaining, I’m not. Not really. Well, maybe a little bit. Here’s hoping setbacks don’t come in threes!

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