New blog post on Jan Allsopp website - a letter from my studio including big news about Creating for Happiness

A letter from my studio

So much has happened since my last blog post. Here are the highlights.

New paintings

There has been lots of painting and quite a bit of stuckedness figuring out a couple of them. I’m loving my current direction. Lots of layers and a mixture of transparent and opaque paint applications that bring about a sense of journeying through…what exactly I’m not sure. Sometimes I feel like I’m flying, but more and more the unintentional inclusion of the influence of the vast Pacific that is just a few steps from my door seems to be finding its way into my work.

Mixed media abstract painting in blue, cream and red, showing wave-like shapes by Australian artist Jan Allsopp

‘Oxygen’ by Jan Allsopp. 60 x 60cm mixed media on wood panel. Available soon – better photo coming soon.

This has been interesting because I haven’t painted a landscape in 20 years or so. I don’t actually feel inspired to paint when I’m at the beach or in the bush. It doesn’t make me want to rush home and pick up a paintbrush. What it does make me want is to linger longer in it, near it. I absolutely love nature. I just don’t want to paint it.

And yet, here are waves, clouds, currents, seaweed and air currents. No trees I note. I wonder if they will push their influence into my work soon too!?

Mixed media abstract painting by Australian artist Jan Allsopp in oranges, coral, teal and black and white

‘Measuring air’ by Jan Allsopp. 40 x 35 cm mixed media on wood panel. Available now.

A solo exhibition

I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I will be having a solo exhibition next year at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. I will no doubt be showing you progress and sharing more about this as it gets closer. It’s still more than a year away so there’s plenty of time.

A change to Creating for Happiness

I’ve been writing emails to a group of subscribers for a year and a half now – almost every day. When I first started I doubted I could sustain it for the 3 months I had set myself. After 6 months of daily emails I wondered if I would ever run out of things to say on the topic. Now after 18 months I find I have. Well, not exactly run out of things to say, but certainly run out of thoughts for a daily email. So a change needs to happen.

Along the way I made many plans for Creating for Happiness. I had big plans for most of the time, but now I’m a full-time artist and submerged in my studio practice I find I’m less interested in ‘big’ and more interested in ‘deep’.

So Creating for Happiness letters will be shared publicly for the first time. I’m rebuilding the website they were to be housed on, making it open to all and keeping it free. I’ll share more on this soon, when the changes have been completed. For now, I’m just plain excited to share my writing on the topic so dear to my heart and one that I feel so strongly about – daily creating to improve your life and make you happy.

Until next time I hope you find the time to look at my available paintings and time to be creative yourself.



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  1. Brilliant news Jan. So happy for you with all the progress. I think you have done an incredible job with your Creating for Happiness emails. New direction makes perfect sense.

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  2. Jane,
    Sounds like you know what to do next! Thank you for all you’ve done with Creating for Happiness
    XOXO, Kathy

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      1. Jan, it’s Chris, christine brown is only used on my facebook that is quiet a few years old.
        I sign my art as Chris Brown, hope that clarifies x

  3. Thank you so much for Creating for Happiness Jan. It has been wonderful to be with you along this creative journey. While I haven’t created every day – your encouragement and inspiration have had me creating much more than I otherwise would have and taking more risks and adventures in my life so that I’m truly living, not just existing.

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