Blog post can art save the world?

Can art heal the world?

Happy reader, as I write this I’m sitting in a local gallery for the day. I’ve seen such an array of people coming through to ‘just having a look’. They all have a single thing in common, they leave happier than they arrived.

On two separate occasions visitors even said the exact same thing as they completed their circuits absorbing the paintings and sculptures. “All is not lost for the world,” they say with a sigh of relief.

Gallery visitor viewing abstract paintings by Jan Allsopp

Some ‘don’t know anything about art but they know what they like’. These people tend to be drawn to realism and admire the skill of those artists. Some are drawn to the sculptures of people and give me a sense of their preference for tactile art. And some stand before my abstract paintings for a long long time, which makes me very happy.

How art heals the world

These people, my gallery visitors from today make me believe in the future again. They have brought me around to agreeing that there is hope for the world. People who understand the innate value of art make the effort to see it and absorb the many varied messages art sends, and then go out into the world again. Hopefully they share their new vision of the future.This is how art heals the world.

Warmth exhibition

Where can you go so see some art this week? If your local don’t miss the Warmth exhibition, which includes my paintings, in its last week at The Art Space, Urunga.

6 of Jan Allsopp's abstract paintings hanging in The Art Space Urunga for the Warmth exhibition

The Other Art Fair again!

If you’re not local I’m thrilled to announce that I will again be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in Sydney 24 – 27 October. Don’t leave it that long to see some art though, but do plan a visit to The Other Art Fair to say hello!

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  1. Hi Jan, love your art and always your meaningful messages ! I do think art will help heal the world ! Thank you for helping bring joy to our world with your art knowledge and your ability to help and teach others ! Hoping you are having cooler days than we who live in California are having … I know, when the rain comes we’ll be wanting the sunshine . Lol !
    I have always thought Australia had so much beauty !! Blessings to you Jan,
    Love & Hugs,

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      Thank you so much Loralee! Such lovely words. Thank you. I’m so glad I have you on my side. Let’s change the world together ok? Yes it’s cool but we’ve had such a mild winter it’s making me a little afraid of the summer! I’ve been in summer clothes most of the winter. Crazy days.

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