New blog post Getting Ready for The Other Art Fair - photo of studio with paintings in progress

Getting ready for The Other Art Fair

I’m excited to announce that I’m working towards exhibiting at The Other Art Fair again in October and I’m having a blast. Five large paintings are underway at the same time! I paint groups of paintings at a time for several reasons.

Painting painting painting etc

Painting a series at once means no single painting gets to feel too precious – that preciousness would mean fear of making a mistake would surface. It also means that as one painting progresses well it can light the way for the others, dragging them up to standard.

Jan Allsopp's artist's studio showing several large painting in progress hanging on the wall and lying on the floor. Studio dog Fuzzy looks on.

I’m constantly moving my panels from the wall to the table to the floor depending. Lucky I have supervision!

Painting groups like this also means that at the start of a studio session, faced with all these unfinished works that need… I don’t know what, that I can find a simple bit to add somewhere. Finding a way to start painting again while feeling daunted is key to getting the work done.

This is the first time I’ve painted so many large works at the same time and I’ve been pleased to find out that the above benefits apply no matter the size. The other thing I’ve discovered is that when you times the paint, cloths and brushes needed for a large painting by five, it’s a LOT.

My dwindling stash of acrylic paints in a storage drawer

My paint supplies are dwindling

I love thick paint in my paintings to get the look and surface I want and as a consequence I’ve been churning through tube after tube of paint. I also love the effect that layering gives my work so more paint goes on, even if it comes off again at a later stage.

Detail of a work in progress showing thick paint with thin paint glazed over creates some exciting colours and textures

Thick paint with thin paint glazed over creates some exciting colours and textures

I love my job! Being an artist is such a joy. But it is expensive so please keep that in mind when you next admire a painting and turn to read the label and price.

If you haven’t looked at my online gallery shop lately have a browse now.

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