The Other Art Fair Sydney October 24 - 27 2019

Art sales, FREE tickets, and a new productivity tip

Ever had one of those weeks where everything goes so very right? Well I’m just finishing off a fortnight like that!

I’ve been painting up a storm finishing off new works to show at The Other Art Fair. It’s been great fun (most of the time) and while I’m still working on quite a lot of them, I’m happy with my progress.

Detail of a work in progress in reds and black

Detail of something I’m working on for The Other Art Fair Sydney

I’ve been using a new planner and it’s helped me a lot. I know I’m late to discover him, but there may be some others out there who haven’t heard of Brendon Burchard. He’s huge in the high performance arena (think Oprah!) and to my novice eye it’s for good reason.

I discovered him when my daughter shared her new High Performance Planner with me. Down the Brendon rabbit hole I went and I now have his latest book (in hardcover and audiobook) and done one of his courses. (No I’m not getting paid to say any of this!)

But it’s the High Performance Planner that’s really made a difference to my productivity and ‘performance’ (which seems a strange word to assign to painting in a humble home studio).

Where his planner is different is that it covers all aspects of life, not just work, and it casts a POSITIVE shadow over everything. It has morning prompts and evening review prompts, a weekly review and a monthly review all with questions that don’t leave you feeling guilty about what you didn’t do, but happy with what you did and planning how to do it better next time.

Detail of painting in progress in reds, oranges and blacks

Another detail.

Some of you know I’m a long time Bullet Journaller. I’m still working how the two fit together. I’ll post about that when I figure it out!

The result of all this self reflection and planning is more uninterrupted time in the studio with a focus on progressing the paintings. It’s working so well. I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude from ‘you have to get this finished’ to ‘you’ve got time to investigate this further’. And that’s brought some interesting results. I also feel more like an ‘artist’, as my idea of an artist is someone who investigates ideas, is curious and who plays. I now have scheduled time to do just that.

You’ll be able to see the results of my studio ‘performance’ at The Other Art Fair Sydney October 24 – 27. Tickets are on sale now, but I have 100 free tickets* to give away. That’s a saving of up to $30 and you can get your ticket for any of the days the fair is open. (Excepting opening night. Let me know if you want to go to opening night and I can get you a free ticket to that too.)

*Enter my code JAL2019 into the promo code field at the top of the ticket list.

The Other Art Fair has a new and exciting venue too. This time it is at The Cutaway in Barangaroo. That link includes how to get there too. Check out the photo of the venue! It’s underneath Barangaroo Reserve. It will be amazing! I hope to see you there!

Detail of a painting in progress in red, pink, green and black

Another detail. Come to The Other Art Fair to see the finished piece!

Oh did I mention I have sold six paintings in the last fortnight? I feel so grateful to my collectors and completely supported in my decision to become a full time artist this time last year. As my first year is nearly over I want to thank you my dear readers for your support too. I love all your comments here and on social media and know I might have given up earlier if it wasn’t for your resounding “yes” to my path. Thank you.

What a great year next year’s going to be! I can feel it! In the meantime, follow my progress on Instagram or Facebook. Or if you’re worried about missing out on that painting, buy it now on Bluethumb, Saatchi, my website or at The Levee Art Gallery and Studios in Maitland NSW.

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  1. Very interesting Jan. I might look into this planning man – although I have a system which I think works pretty well. But I guess if he’s been on Oprah he MUST be a hot ticket and worth a look.
    Congratulations on your sales

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