I wasn’t always a happy person, then one day it hit me. Happiness is a choice that we can make, or not, hundreds of times a day. Soon after I got very good at being a happy person. They say practice makes perfect!

Dad's tools at the beach house

Dad’s tools at the beach house

My earliest memories are of creating. If I didn’t have the toys I wanted, I made them. I wanted long hair so I made wool wigs. I wanted a pet rabbit so I made a costume and became a rabbit. All of this was before I was in Kindergarten!

As a teenager I was impressed by dark and moody art. Later, during times of depression or anxiety, I would try to paint dark and moody works. It never happened. No matter my mood my art would always come out happy. After a long time of struggling to struggle, I gave up and accepted my innate happiness. My art blossomed!

Fast forward to now. I like to have no fixed idea about a painting when I begin. I layer acrylic paint, drawing media and collage elements (many from my father’s reference and notebooks I found in his workshop - now my studio). Once a memory is triggered or a connection recognised in the marks and colours I stay with it and develop it.

Relationships between shapes and colours are what interest me most. As I paint I add texture using my father’s tools, scraping, gouging and scratching back through previous layers of paint. This reveals the painting’s history. My paintings combine the past and the present and many refer to the golden days of childhood holidays taken in the cottage I now live in.

Using relationships between shapes or colours I can create dynamic tension. Yep, that’s the extent of my dark abilities. I can also create joy, happiness, excitement and inspiration. These are my super powers.

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