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Enjoy your creative journey

With as little as 15 minutes a day you can build and keep a daily creative practice. Creating for Happiness guides you through the the process of setting up a sustainable daily creative habit but it doesn’t stop there. Creating for Happiness continues to be your guide and provide motivation and inspiration to keep you going.

Do you want to be more creative?

You can see the benefits of creating every day but it’s just not something you ever seem to fit in or be organised to do. Creating for Happiness will get you started, keep you creating daily, and make you happier for it.

Creating for Happiness is for you if:

  • you want to be creative every day
  • you want to try something new or you want to practice something creative
  • you are looking for a little more happiness in your day
  • you want to be a part of a community of creative people
  • you’ve tried creating daily and you just don’t stick with it

Creating for Happiness is free and here’s how it works

  • Sign up
  • Prepare
  • Read daily emails
  • Go on a journey
  • Share
  • Support
  • Receive the Creating for Happiness Guidebook
  • Use the Guidebook to help determine the approach you will commit to
  • Receive an email from Creating for Happiness every day, which will help keep you motivated, engaged and creating. (You will receive an extra email for the first 3 days to bring you up to speed.)
  • Each month is a new Journey. Each Journey has a Journey Spark – something to help you explore different ideas
  • Share your work and see what others are doing
  • Support and be supported by an inspiring community of wonderful creative people

Where does the happiness part come in?

While scientists haven’t managed to discover a simple recipe for happiness, creativity would be a core ingredient if they did. Research has shown there is a strong link between creativity and happiness and that creativity is good for our mind and body. 

Creating for Happiness founder, Jan Allsopp, has experienced this first hand. Happiness appears while creating and it tends to last. If you continue to create daily, after a few days you will most probably notice a real difference in your general happiness level. It seems to work a bit like a piggy bank. The more days in a row you create the more happiness you have in your bank. Just imagine how good it will be after creating for 28 days in a row!


Your mind plays tricks on you – yes – it deceives you. It convinces you that change might be uncomfortable (our brains like consistency so they keep us where we are – stuck!) 

So if you’re thinking “I’d like to be creative everyday but… I can’t fit it in… I’m not very good… I can’t do anything for 4 weeks… I’ll only fail again… I don’t know what I’d do… then Creating for Happiness is for you.

The Creating for Happiness program is designed specifically to overcome these very thoughts!

Gentle and doable

Creating for Happiness is a gentle program that encourages you to be gentle with yourself, your creating and promotes a gentle kind of happiness. You can do Creating for Happiness with as little as 15 minutes a day. That’s about the time it takes to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. You can even design your creative practice so you can drink your coffee at the same time.

Gentle does not equal weak

The Creating for Happiness program’s strength lies in the Journey Sparks and the daily emails. These emails will keep your creativity in your mind and help you build a set of tools and skills that will work to get you creating daily and being able to sustain your creativity long term. 

What people are saying about Creating for Happiness

This morning I have been reflecting on the collages I have produced since beginning Creating for Happiness and I am struck by how much joy is rising up within me with dedicating time each day to creating! Jenny Horner

I love your Guidebook – I got some really good tips from it! You have put a lot of work into this program. LB

There is such energy in being in our “collective” knowing that so many people are creating every day! I’m a huge believer in the freedom of discipline, picking one thing and going deeper, and having accountability along with happiness. I loved Finding Your Because exercise! Another way to do value clarifications – and the ROUTE & CRUISE CONTROL being an invitation to pick one thing and go deeper – and setting up my environment to make it as easy as possible. Deena Hayes

This is great. It gives me permission to expect to be happy. Judith Ely

Thanks Jan for your generous idea of ‘Creating for Happiness’ and everyone for the inspiring posts and images. Kim Thompson

Thank you so much for putting in all the work for this, it is just what I need. Lynne Porter

I’m glad I found the light for Creating for Happiness! I’m enjoying this so much. Thanks Jan for bringing this to my life.  Melissa Murphy

I love Creating for Happiness. It’s actually got me thinking in a different way about my work and I can see from the posts, many are getting a lot of benefit! Janet Jaffke

Still got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Creating for Happiness is for creators of all levels, beginners through to established artists, and it works with all forms of creativity. Whether you’re a painter, writer, musician, crafter, photographer, maker, dancer or a bit of everything, the process and techniques will help you to practice, develop and enjoy your creativity. 

Creating for Happiness has 4 main parts.

  • The Guidebook Designed to help you determine the approach you will take and prepare for your daily creative journey.
  • Emails You will receive an email when you sign up with the link to the Guidebook. From then on you will receive a daily email from Creating for Happiness. Like a good friend, these will keep you going through the good and the bad days. (You will receive an extra email for the first 3 days to bring you up to speed.) At the start of each month the email will also include the Journey Spark for the month. Journey Sparks are ideas to consider during the month.
  • Your daily creative practice You determine what you will do and how long you will work daily. Creating for Happiness offers suggestions and help.
  • Community A tribe of like-minded  people who support each other in the Facebook Group and share photos of what they are doing on Instagram.

Whatever your creative medium, you need only the simplest of tools e.g. few paints, pencils and pens, a sketchbook or sheets of paper, a computer for writers (or pen and notebook), basic craft materials for crafters, whatever are the basic tools of your medium. There is more information on this in the Guidebook.

This program will work for any creative pursuit that can be done daily. If you do something that you can’t do every day (for example because you don’t have the equipment) I suggest you get some paints or drawing materials and join in anyway. Often drawing, design or colour are the basis for other creative work. You will benefit from daily creating and your work will benefit from an expanded practice. 

Creating for Happiness is free.

There is no specific time required for doing the Creating for Happiness program. It is YOUR Journey and you will decide how much time to allow. (The Guidebook will help with this.)

However, we do suggest the minimum time to spend is 15 minutes a day. You may find that specific days of the week you are able to do more and that’s great, but not essential.

This program doesn’t include ‘daily creative prompts’ as such. There are many programs online with great inspirational prompts already available. The daily emails provide information, motivation and tips to help you build and keep a daily creative practice that will expand your creative horizons and repertoire. If you would like to combine Creating for Happiness with daily prompts you have access to you are more than welcome to do so.

Creating for Happiness is not a treatment for any medical condition and is not a substitute for other treatments. The program was designed to boost happiness in healthy people in normal circumstances. Talk to your medical practitioner to see if they think this program will help your specific needs. Creative acts have been observed to assist anxiety and depression. If your doctor approves, you may find Creating for Happiness assists your well-being.

That’s where the Guidebook will help. If, after reading it, you’re still unsure of what type of creating to do, wait a few days and see what others are doing (you can join the Facebook Group once you’ve signed up).

If you’re STILL unsure what to do, get some paints and a sketchbook. Painting in a sketchbook is fairly simple but still challenging enough to keep you interested. Working in a sketchbook is also a valuable skill that will help with most creative pursuits. Once you’ve settled into Creating for Happiness you might find a new creative direction that you would like to explore.

We suggest you find a way of travel-friendly creating. Perhaps a smallish sketchbook and draw, write, sketch, collage etc in it. Or use your smart phone camera, not just taking snaps but mindfully considering, framing and capturing images that will explain your trip without words. At each stage of the Creating for Happiness journey you will be in control of what you do with your creating time, you will be thinking about it differently though.

Creating for Happiness doesn’t include explicit painting or other media instruction. It will be a mindset boost and help prevent beginners from falling into unhelpful ways of thinking that sometimes come about from art instruction. Because of this, Creating for Happiness will be a perfect partner for painting classes, courses and workshops. The technical aspects of creating are only one of the skills we need to be happily creating.

If you are still undecided but have read this far, I suggest you sign up anyway. After all it’s free and there are no strings attached. You can always unsubscribe from the emails if you want to withdraw. What have you got to lose? You’ve actually got a lot to gain. Give it a try!