Creativity coaching

Coaching client joining the video call.

One on one coaching with Jan Allsopp

Whether you are a beginner or further along your creative journey, coaching can help with your creative journey. A coaching session can offer support, encouragement, guidance, clarity, critiques, or simply another’s perspective. I come to each coaching session believing in you and your creativity.

Creativity coaching exists because the creative journey doesn’t always take the smoothest path. Coaching clients find help with:

  • clarifying their creative direction
  • overcoming creative block
  • growing confidence in themselves and their creativity
  • showing up regularly to create
  • understanding their unique creative journey

What is a coaching session like?

I have tailored each coaching session to support my skills that help you. That’s why my coaching sessions are a little different to what is usually offered.

Each coaching session has two parts that total 60 minutes. The first part is a 45 minute conversation. This is usually done via Skype or Messenger. During this call you do a lot of talking and I do a lot of listening. I will ask clarifying questions which will lead you to creating your own solutions. I also offer an external perspective and guidance that will help you move forward, overcome barriers and move more into who you are as a creative person.

The second part of the coaching is by email. I am a highly reflective person and I know that some of my most beneficial thoughts come later. I will send you an email highlighting some of the big points from our conversation and adding further guidance and perspective within a day or two of our conversation. A minimum of 15 minutes will be spent writing this email.

I can support you because…

I’ve been a practicing artist for over 25 years and during that time I’ve learnt from my many many ups and downs. I’ve studied and tested theories and practices designed to help creative people surmount their hurdles. Some of them did and some of them didn’t.

I’ve combined all my personal experience and knowledge to build the Creating for Happiness program which launched in January 2018. Very quickly participants were saying how much the program was helping them. My creativity coaching practice has grown out of that.

While our creative journeys all look different, there are surprising similarities in the issues we need to overcome and the steps we need to take to be creative beings. I can help you navigate your journey.

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