Hind Leg Jiggle painting by Jan Allsopp in room mockup

Having trouble deciding which Jan Allsopp painting to purchase for your home?

Jan can help!


We understand there can be uncertainty when choosing the ideal art for your space. That’s why we offer to remove the guess work with an Art consultation service. No matter what space you’re shopping for, we can help you find a selection of art that will bring you joy every day.

Simply follow the four steps below:

  1. Take a photo. Mobile phone and iPad OK. Take a colour elevation (straight on) photo of your wall or walls. (See some examples below.) Don’t remove the furniture! Make sure it’s in the photo too, so you know how the painting(s) will look with it nearby.

  2. Take a few key measurements Get out your tape measure and write down the sizes of the furniture and wall in your photo. You don’t need to include measurements of everything, just enough so we can match our sizes to yours.

  3. Tell us what paintings interest you. Make a note of which paintings interest you and we’ll place those onto your walls (digitally - in your photos). If you want suggestions for which paintings will work best, just ask.

  4. Send an email to: jan@janallsopp.com.au

Be sure to:

  • Attach your photo(s)

  • Include your key measurements

  • Note which paintings/series you are interested in

  • Note if you want us to make suggestions

Mixed media painting Holding Happiness by Jan Allsopp in a room mockup

Abstract painting Moon Conversation by Jan Allsopp shown in a room mockup for a free art consultation

Original painting Blue Test Pattern by Jan Allsopp shown in a room mockup

Painting Holding Happiness shown in a room mockup with arrows to indicate where you need to take measurements

Abstract painting Moon Conversation shown in a room mockup with arrows indicating which measurements you need to take

Abstract painting Blue Test Pattern shown in a room mockup with arrows indicating which measurements you need to take


Once we receive your email with photos and measurements, we will apply the paintings you are interested in, in scale, in your photos. Photos are emailed back to you so you can make your choice and then order the painting(s) that work best for you.

Many buyers like the Art Consultation service when selecting Jan Allsopp’s art for their collection.