Dripping Tetrahedron


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Since moving into our old beach house, I have been exploring the shape of memories, how often they repeat in the pattern of our lives, what scale a shape is within the collection of patterns in a day, how often they occur, sometimes tangible, brilliant and yet other times gossamer, disappearing.

Memory, I have discovered, is not kept in stories with neat beginnings and endings. Instead, it manifests in staccato images, leapfrogs time in any direction and is as stable as the light reflecting off a swirling disco ball. My memories are prompted by this place. In Dripping Tetrahedron I reflect on an array of summer memories when it was my ‘job’ to buy icy-poles for the ‘workers’, my parents and brother, who were building the house. Sunny Boy and Razz were frequent favourites and their pyramidal shape inspired the title.


  • Mixed media painting on two cradled panels.
  • Total size: 112cm x 76cm x 3cm (44″ x 30″ x 1″)
  • The painting does not need framing.
  • The painting is signed on the front and has all details recorded on the back.
  • Professional grade materials used throughout.
  • It is sealed for protection and has a light wax added for both appearance (a nice soft sheen) and further protection.
  • Bonus: Command™ tapes are included for hanging and ease of later removal.
  • Shipping included within Australia. Please request a quote if shipping outside Australia is required.