Forever Sunday


Forever Sunday, wouldn’t that be wonderful! This is the first in a series of 3D paintings that are based on the shapes, colours, and paint textures that are found in my 2D paintings.  However, these created with shapes cut from wood and then assembled into a composition. Forever Sunday hangs on the wall just like a regular painting does, it’s just a different shape. In fact it even looks good as part of a gallery wall.

This original artwork is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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There is nothing like doing what you love! My studio is where I’m meant to be, in there creating who knows what. One thing leads to another, a creative trail is chased, new ideas and directions unveil themselves one after the other after each work is created. Am I a painter, a sculptor, a drawer, an artist bookmaker? It no longer matters to me. Creating what is next in the lineup, following my curiosity, responding to inspiration, these are what matters. And whatever the outcome, the creation, I’m proud to have had a hand in it materialising in the world.

Deep and meaningful over! This is my latest creative direction – what I’m calling 3D paintings. To my thinking they are not so far removed from my paintings. To create my paintings I work with shapes and colours to ‘find’ a painting that makes you feel something, maybe that’s a feeling of nostalgia for a place or time that is now past, or maybe it’s a sense of a life being lived well. It doesn’t really matter what the feeling is, I want you to have it.

So in creating my 3D paintings I do much the same. I don’t start with a plan, I think I have at least 100 or so shapes I have cut so far so I can work in the same way as my paintings, moving shapes and colours until…! Actually the challenge really comes in assembling it! Don’t worry, they are not going to fall apart in this millennium! But I digress. My 3D paintings hang on the wall, just like a painting would, same hooks, same everything, they are just a little more 3D than usual.

Forever Sunday is available to you now. I’m so proud of this piece. I know you will love living with if you are the lucky buyer, because I loved making it. $970 and it’s yours! Click the buy now button. Shipping is free within Australia and if you’re local you can even pick it up and have a studio tour at the same time, or I can deliver it. Feel free to message me too.